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Classics from Roilette and Pepiere

Sometimes, when discussing certain wines, there's not really all that much you need to say.  There's really nothing more you can add to the volumes of superlatives that have already been penned.

Not all that long ago, wines like Roilette's Fleurys and Pepiere's Muscadets were there in the shop because you loved them and believed in them, even though they certainly weren't the easiest thing to sell.

At the tail end of the monster wine era, also known as the early aughts, very few (if any) customers would ever reach for these wines without some serious hand-selling.  As time progressed, though, more and more people were drawn to these wines from previously dismissed (or maligned, or overlooked, etc.) regions that weren't all about density and power, and chose instead to express the unique character of their home.

Pretty soon, there was a movement.

As a matter of fact, you can attribute a whole lot of the drive behind that movement (as far as the US market is concerned) specifically to these two producers!

Fast forward 20 years and Roilette and Pepiere have become legends...the true benchmarks for their appellations, and their wines have gone from hand-sells to allocated.

So, even though I said there wasn't much to say, I'm already taking up space in your inbox.

But here they are, Pepiere and Roilette, and from the fabulous, expressive and classic vintage that is 2016.

Clos des Briords in all its mineral/cheesy glory.

Gras Mouton, with its weightier, intensely textured feel.

Roilette's Fleurie with its stony, barnyard personality.

Cuvée Christal, cheerfully juicy.

Cuvée Tardive, the brawny, most structured Gamay on earth.

I suppose all there is left to say is...go!

Matt Franco

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