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Classic Meursault at Great Pricing!

It's January, like very January...

Even though it's a cold month, full of post-holiday letdown, the best parts of January are the rich and warming foods we enjoy and of course the deals to be had for some really great wines.

Today I'd like to transport us all back, if only for one offer, to the time when proper village-level Meursault cost less than $60 and proper 1er Cru Meursault cost less than $90.

(I know, you old-school collectors are remembering when it was more like $20 and $40, but alas...)

(I also know that there are still 'Meursault' on the market that regularly cost less than $60, but when you taste them you know why...)

Bouzereau-Gruere, the family team of two sisters (Marie-Anne and Marie-Laure) and their father (Hubert), fly under the radar (in the US, at least) in this most-hallowed of Chardonnay appellations.

But they make fantastic examples of Meursault - all you could ask for in the 'classic' sense of it.  They're broad and generous up front, but they're clean and precise across the palate and finish with taut restraint.

They don't bowl you over with chunky flesh or screaming minerality.  Rather, with all of the elements in balance, they remind you exactly what great white Burgundy is all about.  

Succinct, yet eloquent...

Think of what pops into your mind when someone asks you what 'Meursault' tastes like - rich and weighty, but with a fantastic backbone of acidity and minerals and lovely flowery nuances that linger and linger.  The Meursault 2012  is basically that, the embodiment of the idea of classic Meursault.

Then we have the 1er Cru Meursault-Charmes 2012 which, with its pristine clarity, nimble acidity and extra level of mineral complexity takes it to the next level.

Are these Roulot?  Coche?  No.

But they're delicious, proper Meursault, and they don't cost north of $120 (especially in this deal) and you can buy them by the case if you want!

While the reality is that, as time progresses, wines of true quality from the three most famous white Burgundy villages (Puligny/Chassagne/Meursault) will be out of reach (both in terms of cost and availability) for most drinkers, deals do still come down the line...

...just like this one, which I'm really excited to pass on to you.

So, for the moment, you can leave your Mâcons alone and enjoy a classic Meursault for a nice price.


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