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Sometimes you just want a white Burgundy.

One that you don't need to shell out hundreds for.

One that you don't need to cherish.

One that you don't need to use for social media street-cred.

One that you can just open, pour and bask in the glow of classic, structured, mineral, citric and finely nuanced French Chardonnay.

No fuss, just good wine at a 'fair' price.

Vincent Latour's Meursault Clos de Magny 2020 has kinda been my pick for that exact white Burgundy this year.

It's everything you want from a Meursault, without all of the label hype and 'should I drink or hold' anxiety.

Rich, yet focused, with lovely, citrus-streaked Chardonnay fruit and a vein of acidity that keeps it all in motion. 

It does take some time to get its momentum, but once it does, it does.

In fact, at this stage of the game, it really starts its full stride after a few hours...perhaps best after a night in the fridge.

It's textbook appellation white Burg, and it drinks...

...because now is all there is...


Meursault Clos de Magny 2020

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