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Chianti, Lovely (Riserva) Chianti


So about a month ago, I sent an offer for the above wine - the Chianti Classico Le Fioraie 2016 of Piemaggio - and it went kinda crazy. 


Today, I finally have more of it for anyone who missed out!


But, even more importantly, I've got Piemaggio's absolutely lights out Chianti Classico Riserva from the very same, best-of-the-century-so-far, 2016 vintage.


Yes, it's more expensive.  


Yes, you'll really wanna let it age a bit more (if you can).


Also yes, it's worth both the time and the money, I assure you.  


Take all of that glorious, dark, mineral-packed Sangiovese character, with that same gloriously natural texture of the regular Classico, but, well, wind it up a lot tighter, and drive up the sense of nobility even further. 


None of this is to say that the Riserva won't be enjoyable now - it is six years old, after all - but, as many of you longtime Chianti fans know, the real magic happens if you let it happen...


...and letting it happen takes patience. 


But, it's perfectly lovely already, of course. 


Drink more Chianti!


(My regular Chianti mantra had to get in there somewhere...)



Chianti Classico Le Fioraie Riserva 2016

Chianti Classico Le Fioraie 2016


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