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Chianti, Lovely Chianti


Time and time again, each bottle great Chianti I drink leads me to one conclusion...


...I should drink more Chianti. 


I know, I know...I say that every time I offer a Chianti...


...but that's because it happens every time I dink Chianti. 


And boy, did it happen when I tasted today's wine, from the fantastic producer Piemaggio. 


This absolutely lovely 2016 Chianti Classico Le Fioraie has everything that I look for in this most famous of Tuscan wines. 


It's wonderfully elegant, expressing the aristocratic savoir faire that I always associate with Chianti.  But, unlike some of it's more...uptight...peers, that sense of nobility doesn't require any 'deference' from you in terms of time or manners. 


This is that same level of class and pedigree, but with the friendliest, most natural, most genuine personality you can imagine. 


The sheer quality of the wine invades every sense - the fragrant, lifted profile, the focused, chiseled frame, the earthy, mineral and rustic undercurrents - but manifests itself in such an engaging and casually honest way. 


All of that goodness is made all the goodness-er by the vintage...2016...aka arguably the greatest Chianti vintage ever...well, of my lifetime, at least...


You're going to want to buy a bunch...because after one sip...'re gonna say, 'I should do this more often...'


PIEMAGGIO Chianti Classico Le Fioraie 2016


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Matt Franco

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