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Chave's 'Sélection' Hermitage Blanche


When you think of Chave's legendary white Hermitage, you probably think of many things.  If you've never had the pleasure, you're probably thinking about how many stories you've heard about legendary old bottles of Chave Blanc that people have regaled you with. 


You might also think it's just another one of those over-hyped/overpriced wines that people regale you with tales of, but you don't believe them. 


You might actually be the one who regales people with said tales. 


You might also be Mike Wheeler, who has probably the greatest 'Chave Blanc Tale'  of anyone.


Chances are, though, you're not thinking about the Sélection Hermitage Blanche (yes, the 'che' at the end makes a difference here), Chave's 'non-négoce' négoce bottling. 


Well, at least I wasn't thinking about the Sélection Blanche 2015 when I tasted it yesterday, but, after I did, it was more or less all I thought about for the rest of the day. 


This is a lieu-dit wine that comes from the Maison Blanche parcel that sits at the top of the hill, which sports an iron-rich clay soil and vines 50-60 years in age.  It's 100% Marsanne and is essentially made up of the best fruit that doesn't end up in the 'Domaine' Hermitage Blanc (you know, the $300 one). 


Jean-Louis owns the vineyard and treats every aspect of the production the same as he does for the 'Domaine' wines, so that's why I tongue-in-cheek referred to it as a 'Non-Négoce Négoce' wine. 


Make no mistake, this is a legit Hermitage Blanc - offering wonderful texture, exotic, but understated floral aromas and fruits that fall neatly on the 'white' end of the spectrum.  It's supple, yet finely structured and has tremendous overall balance, especially given the vintage. 


And it is oh-so drinkable at the moment...


Should you decide, though, that you want even more flowery depth and complexity, just let it sit for 3-5 years and you'll be there. 


Yes, it's still not cheap, but at less than half the price of the Hermitage Blanc (no 'che'), it's Hermitage, it's Chave and it's fabulously delicious. 


I think it's time you made the Sélection yourself and buy some...





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