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Muscadet Se`vre et Maine Chateau-Thébaud 2010
A Glass Full of Stones

I'm always yapping about ageing wine.

I often yap about aging whites (see Wednesday's message).

And, every time I offer great Muscadet, I yap about how nicely it will age, if you have the patience to give it a few years.'s your lucky day, because you get to hear me yap about a Muscadet that's already got some age on it.

And boy is it a good one...

Chateau de l'Aulnaye's Muscadet Chateau-The´baud 2010 is simply stunning and it shows exactly what happens to a great Muscadet if you give it a few years in bottle.  

I'll try to do it justice by saying this, it's like a mouth full of stones that are wrapped in an oily-textured, exotic fruit-tinged elixir that ends with a taut, briny, seamless finish.

But I can't emphasize this one word enough...




This is serious stuff.

We're heading into Memorial Day, and we're all (well, at least I am, but I'm pretty sure you are too) dreaming about the epic Summer seafood feasts that are in store and this is exactly the kind of wine you need on the table.

I can talk about how this comes from the 60 year old vines, planted on schiste and gneiss and spends 40 months on the lees, but I'd rather just sit back and remember how good it recall the flavors in my mind, to feel the texture across my palate.

And I really should be telling you not to miss out on it...

...because it's a one-and-done offer (there will be no more of this vintage when this slug's gone)... don't miss out on it!

(especially because I have special pricing today)

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