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Cassis Rosé from Bagnol

I'll be short with this one (or something like that).

There are three Provençal rosés (The Big Three) that are far and away the most anticipated of every passing year - Chateau Peyrassol, Chateau Pradeaux and today's (which tends to go the fastest), Domaine du Bagnol's Cassis Rosé.

The first drop just arrived.

There will be one more next week and possibly a little more after that.

And then that's it until next April...

Every year, Bagnol is a contender for my favorite pinky of the season..if I actually get to drink any, that is.

Usually it's gone within a few days of the mailer.

Whereas Peyrassol is a leaner, racier wine and Pradeaux is the firmer, brawnier one that's best after a year of age, Bagnol is the supple, soft spoken one that's ethereally balanced and a bit more evasive with its nuance.

Just when you think it's going to speak loudly on the palate, it pulls back and draws you in further.

It's one of those wines that constantly pulls you away from distraction and back into the moment, which is a great, given that it's often consumed on a sunny afternoon with good company.

Pink fruits, minerals, subtle herbs and spice, and a lively but aristocratic finish...


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