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Caprili Riserva 2016! 
(You Know, The One To Age...)


The other week, I sent my offer for the 2017 Caprili Brunello Normale, talking about how perfectly drink-y it was right out of the gate. 


A drink now wine, as it were...


I also mentioned that I would have Caprili's Riserva 2016 coming out soon...which would be the one you'd wanna age...


And now, here I am...with the one you wanna age...


Caprili's effortlessly beautiful style has continued to inch its way up the list of my favorite Brunello with each passing vintage. 


Last year's 2016 Normale was fabulous, but this year's 2016 Riserva AdAlberto goes well beyond that.  That same sublimely elegant house style is there, but in such a finely structured vintage, and with that extra year in barrel, this is a much more tightly wound, a much more intellectual expression of Brunello. 


It's dark, it's mineral, it's smoky, it's savory, but it's ultimately refined in a way that few Brunelli can claim to be.  The beautiful texture is utterly seamless from front to back, and the ultrafine tannins clamp down with a gentle, but tight grip on the finish. 


This is probably the best young Riserva from Caprili that I've ever had...


...which also probably makes it the best wine period from Caprili that I've ever had...


So drink up that lovely 2017 Normale and take some of this gorgeous 2016 Riserva and completely forget that you own it...


...that is, until you remember that you own it some 10-15 years from now, and pop a bottle, become dazzled by its deep, nuanced maturity and then remember aloud -


'Oh yeah, this really was the one to age...'



Brunello di Montalcino Riserva AdAlberto 2016


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