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Caprili 2017 - Easy, Breezy Brunello 


Interesting thought experiment - 


What's something that optimists and pessimists both kind of agree on? 


Pessimists - Tomorrow's probably gonna suck, so let's just live for today. 


Optimists - Everything's gonna be let's just live for today. 




As usual, I'm probably barking up the wrong tree, but the point is that sometimes you just need a wine for today. 


Something that offers all of the character you're jonesing for, but isn't one that you're going to need to sit on for a decade to enjoy. 


Today's wine is definitely that wine. 


Caprili's Brunello are favorites of ours here in any vintage by virtue of their naturally, effortlessly elegant style. 


While there's plenty of cellar time to look forward to in, say, their 2016 Riserva (which should be arriving later this Spring), a wine like this 2017 Brunello Normale is everything you could ask for from classic Montalcino Sangiovese, in one of the most outstandingly, deliciously ready-to-go settings you could ask for.  


Its wonderfully dark Montalcino fruit is, at once, pure, bright and elegant, yet also packed with the savory, leathery, mineral stuff that makes us all swoon for Brunello. 


It's honestly one of the most enjoyable, smile-inducing Brunello that I can recall having in a long time, and its profundity stems not from some Soldera-esque ability to last 50 years, but in its joyous, easy-breezy nature that only asks you to sip, smile and enjoy your time. 


So...sip, smile and enjoy your time...


...because, if we all do more that, it might help us realize that we agree about a lot more than we disagree about...




CAPRILI Brunello di Montalcino 2017 


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