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Cantina Matrone - The Soul of Napoli, Bottled

If I were to say that Italy is loaded with 'soulful' wines, I think that everyone would not only agree, but perhaps call it an understatement.  I think that most of us would also agree that, when it comes to 'soul', Napoli has it on a whole new level. 


The area surrounding the city is certainly full of strikingly beautiful places, but, when standing in the shadow of Vesuvio, on its very slopes, with its peak high above you, your feet in the volcanic/sandy soil, surrounded by lava rocks that would look just as at home in Hawaii, with the city and ocean behind/below you, the feeling of being on hallowed ground becomes palpable. 



Andrea Matrone's family has been making Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio (The Tears of Christ of Vesuvius) since the 1700s, and tasting their wines is, for me, just as much of a connection to the ancient past as the experience of standing in their vineyards is. 


The wines are ultra-traditional, completely 'makeup-free' (see: totally genuine) and are dripping not only with the completely unique terroir of Vesuvio, but also with the very soul and energy of this ancient land, this ancient city and it's ebullient people. 


Andrea, like his wines, is wonderfully sincere and easygoing, and he loves making wine almost as much he loves to play the blues on his guitar.  (See @cantinamatrone on IG)



Today, I'm really happy to highlight his Lacryma Christi Rosso 'Territorio de Matroni' 2017, a wide-open blend of Piedirosso and Aglianico that's fragrant, spicy, smoky and stony, like any proper Campanian red, but, being that it's predominantly Piedirosso, it's not nearly as much of a bruiser in terms of weight and tannin as you'd expect from a wine that's mostly Aglianico 


What I really love so much about it, though, is how it hides no element of its personality.  It's warm, frank and engaging, the deep red fruits radiate all of that volcanic goodness without concern or affectation.


Despite being so loaded with raw character, it does go down surprisingly easily, and even does quite well with a slight chill on warmer days. 


For me, each sip certainly reminds me of how badly I want to fulfill my life goal of having a true, da Napoli pizza oven in my backyard someday, so that we can spend warm Summer evenings drinking wines like this and churning out pizza after pizza.  (Yes, I'm a man of simple, though specific pleasures...)


More importantly (and perhaps more realistically, too) each sip also helps me vividly relive our visit with Andrea, and our night in Naples... grab some of this 'Soul in a Bottle', and you can relive along with me! 


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