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Bovio's 2017 Barbera Regiaveja


I'll keep this one brief-ish, because we're talking about a wine that has rocketed to the top of the charts here in the last year - Bovio's Barbera d'Alba Regiaveja.


Barbera's always enjoyed a special place in my heart and, thus, a special place at this shop.  Pound for pound, there are few grapes that deliver as much complexity, age worthiness and outright pleasure than Barbera does. 


There's been an illustrious list of Barberas over the last 10 years here at MCF that have become fan favorites -  there was the Clà, the Casa Scarpa, the Massa Monleale, the Vigna del Noce, Flavio Roddolo, de Forville...


...and that's to say nothing about the ones that have since climbed into the 'hard to get' realm - Bartolo, Giacomo Conterno, Cappellano, Rinaldi, etc. 


Fifteen or so years ago, while Barbera was still thought of as the cheap and cheerful option for drinking while your Barolo/Barbaresco were aging, I was of the mindset that aging Barbera was one of the total sleeper techniques for enjoying mature wine on a budget. 


It was an experience I had with a bottle of this exact wine from the 1996 vintage that confirmed/solidified that opinion, and you can click HERE to read that story from last year's offer. 


This 2017 is yet another textbook Regiaveja - dark, rich, textured, complex and pulsing with the fresh acidity that all great Barbera possesses.  It's slightly brawnier than the more restrained 2016 was, but it's every bit as enjoyable and engaging and, of course, it's going to be perfectly happy sitting the cellar for the next 5-10 years, should you choose to let it. 


We first received stock of this 2017 back in December, but the Holiday rush and some email sales by Chris made quick work of that first drop before I had the chance to write it up. 


So now, here's your chance at grabbing the quantity your heart desires, ideally some to ride out the Winter with and some to forget about for a few years. 


Either way, the Regiaveja Bandwagon is get on it...


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

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