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Bourmault Brut Hermance: The Champagne We Can’t Keep in Stock


This is one that I’ve been unsure (dubious, if you will) about blasting out.  On the one hand, we’ll probably sell a bunch of it right up front.  On the other hand, we risk selling out of it before December, when it would be a wonderful option to have on the shelf.  


Nonetheless, here we are...I figure that if we rip through it all now, that we can put pressure on the supplier to give us more!  


In any given year, there are always a dozen or so wines that really strike a chord with our customers (and us).  Things like Cosimo Taurino’s Notarpanaro, Auney l’Hermitage’s Graves Rouge, all the lovely 2012s & 2013s from Domaine Felettig have been a few of the recent ones.  


Lately, though, the hottest item on our shelf has easily been Christian Bourmault’s Brut Hermance NV - a proper Champagne that, pound for pound, delivers as much character and complexity per dollar as anything that Champagne on the label that we’ve seen in a long time, and maybe ever.   


This lovely, focused, organically-farmed blend of Pinot Noir (about 63%), with the rest Chardonnay and Meunier is, at once, brilliantly linear and aromatic, yet also surprisingly rich and complex on the finish.


It wonderfully balances that richness of texture and fruit you expect from the ‘black grapes’, with electric acidity and focus we often associate with Chardonnay and, of course, the high-toned fragrant elements underlying savory tanginess that Meunier can bring to the table.


It’s a remarkably complete wine for a remarkably fair price.


Here’s your chance to a) make me regret selling it all right now and b) set yourself up with the perfect house Champagne for the Holidays. 


And, to answer your burning question, at my last haircut, I did, in fact, ask for 'The Stallone'...



Brut Hermance NV


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

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