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Bois de Boursan 2012

There are lots of great things that you can expect with the arrival of Fall.

Refreshing, brisk weather.

Beautiful scenery.

Exciting baseball.

Hearty food.

Robust wines.

You know...lots of great things...

Here at MCF, there are certain arrivals that you can mark your calendar with -- wines whose consistent, authentic quality is such that we carry them every year.

One such arrival is today's fabulous offering, the Chateauneuf du Papes Jean-Paul Versino's Bois de Boursan estate.

When you balance great Grenache fruit, with careful, old-school winemaking, what you're left with is a pure, elegant wine that's chock full of the earthy, pungent nuance that all great Rhone wine should display. 







(The 'Bois' in the name of the estate is very appropriate.)

Even in 'difficult' vintages, the tradition is a terrific wine, but in a vintage like 2012, one of the best in the past decade, this is about as good as Chateauneuf gets for me.

The 2012 is a decidedly structured version of the Tradition, one that shows a darker, spicier fruit that is balanced perfectly by the freshness and energy on the finish.

It's really so delicious right now, but as anyone who has had older Boursan will tell you, the nuance and complexity really kick into gear after 5-10 years in the cellar.

It's going to be interesting to see what the 2012 evolves into.

Today, I'm also really excited to offer something very special from Bois de Boursan.

In addition to the Tradition bottling, the estate also releases a special bottling in great vintages called Cuvée des Félix.  It's comprised of three separate 90yr old parcels which yield the finest fruit in the estate's 10 hectares.

For the fabulous 2012 vintage, Versino selected the two finest barrels of Félix and held them back for an extra year of élévage.  This special bottling is called Cuvée des Félix - Sélection Jean-Paul Versino, and it's one of the finest young wines I've ever tasted from the estate.

Ten to fifteen years from now, it's going to be something truly special.

A mere 300 bottles and 300 magnums made it to the United States.

As you can imagine, there's not a lot to go around...

Toast the arrival of Fall with two of the most Autumnal wines on the market!

**The Tradition 2012 is in stock and the Sélection is set to land in the US in mid-October.

Matt Franco

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