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Beyond Sancerre
Let's talk about Sancerre...well, actually let's talk about the options for textbook, delicious Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc that lay outside Sancerre.

Because, as good as Sancerre is, there's life beyond Sancerre..., almost no suppliers have any Sancerre right now, so it's time to think something besides Sancerre.

(Okay, I'll stop saying Sancerre now...)

Francis Blanchet's Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Silice is one of the appellation's old standards, and is also one of the OG Fumés in the states, too.  Like all proper Fumé, it has a firmer, more serious backbone and is generally more linear, and that's exactly what we're working with here.

It's a laser beam that's wrapped in a flowery, saline, mineral classic as the day is long.

(So, there's a description for you...)

Then we have another very cool option from Domaine Tardieux-Gal (formerly Courtault-Tardieux) in the Touraine.  This gorgeous wine, their Les Maselles 2019 is Sauvignon in a subtle, delicately-textured package.

The SW-facing plot the fruit comes from is layered clay/limestone, and that wonderful breadth it imparts on it is both apparent and exceedingly delicious.  Ultimately, this is a wine of serenity and tact, and it's a perfect counterpoint to the more angular Fumé.

And both of them are the perfect way to break out of a pattern...

...of only drinking...

...that other wine...

(See, I promised I wouldn't say it again...)

Pouilly Fumé Cuvée Silice 2021

Touraine Chenonceaux Les Maselles 2019

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