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Bernard Baudry: Chinon's Benchmark

Elegantly perfumed.

Wildly herbaceous.

Intensely mineral.

Perfectly ageworthy.

(and that describes both the reds and the whites.)

The wines of Bernard Baudry have, over the last decade, gradually absorbed a huge portion of the Chinon spotlight and show no signs of giving ground any time soon.

Simply put, they have become the benchmark for the appellation.

These lovely wines eloquently express their varying terroirs through the lenses of Chenin and Cab Franc so cleanly, so humbly that each glass puts you at ease, like time spent with a great old friend.

From the baseline bottlings - the Blanc and Les Granges - to the ageworthy single-vineyard bottlings, this is truly one of France's great lineups.

When I was just out of college and starting in the business, it was kind of the dawn of the 'geek' wine craze in the US.

The outsize influence of the major critics and the wines that suited their palates were just starting to wane and even casual wine drinkers were starting to truly branch out.

Loire Cab Franc was all the rage for young wine geeks like myself at this time and, consequently, Baudry's wines would come to hold a truly special place in my heart, and that persists to this day.

Clearly lots of other people feel the same way, as these beautiful wines never last all that long...if they make it to the shelf at all...

Matt Franco

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