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Barolo Gramolere: Fratelli Alessandria's Home Run in 2013

Fratelli Alessandria bottles four different Baroli - one Normale and three single Crus.  They did a good job with all of them in 2013, but sometimes, in certain vintages, there's just one that stands out - that's so far above the others that, rather than offer all of them, I back up the truck on it alone.

In 2013, the Barolo Gramolere towers above the others.

The normale is very nice, but at that level there is stiff competition.

The Monvigliero, despite being more famous, was also very solid, but it didn't have the same balance.

The San Lorenzo, while admirably perfumed and quite good itself, didn't have near the same depth.

So, here we are.  The 2013 Gramolere is, in my opinion, the one Barolo to have from Alessandria in this fantastic vintage.

It's a wine of red fruit, albeit the dark end of red, and fantastic texture and richness.  Tarry, flowery, muscular Nebbiolo flavors envelope the firm backbone.

Underneath, there is plenty of meaty, mineral-laden complexity that adds that level of depth that was not present on the other wines.

In a way, you can think of a redder, juicier, slightly more polished version of Cavallotto Bricco Boschis and that will give you a pretty good idea.  

This is one of (if not the) the friendliest wines at this level in the vintage and will make for great drinking out of the gate, though those of us who can wait another 7-10 will be very happy we did!

This is fantastic stuff...

*pre-arrival, ETA Mid November

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