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Barolo Deal - Principiano Boscareto 2006 & 2008


This time last year, (January 3rd of last year, to be exact) I sent the below offer for the classic, perfumed and mineral Baroli of Ferdinando Principiano, and they were met with a ton of enthusiasm...


This January, as in today, I wanted to re-offer the classic, perfumed and mineral Barolo Boscareto of Ferdinando Principiano, from both the robust 2006 and restrained/aromatic 2008 vintages...


...and I wanted to do so with some very special 'January Deal' pricing. 


So, this is me doing that...


I have a not-so-tiny, but definitely-not-huge quantity of both wines in stock, today, and they're both available at a straight 30% off.


If you need the info on these beauties, read below.  


If you're ready to order, just hit 'reply'. 


Classic, ready-to-drink Barolo at killer pricing...


They're gonna go fast...


PLEASE NOTE - while the 2015 Barolo Normale was part of last year's offer, today's offer is just for the 2006 and 2008 Barolo Boscareto.  


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

MCF Rare Wine, Ltd

249 West 13th Street NYC 10011