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BAROLO 2013, Rd. 2:
Normales from Brovia and F. Rinaldi

The second wave of Barolo Normale is about to land and it's from two producers whose regular DOCG Barolo are among the greatest values on the market.

They are Brovia and Francesco Rinaldi.

2013 is shaping up to be worthy of the hype, so let's get to it.


Whether you're a value-minded buyer or a long-time collector, chances are you have some of Brovia's Normale Barolo in your stash.  When push comes to shove, there probably isn't a better Barolo on the market, for my money at least (especially at today's pricing).

While the 2013 Crus (due in the Fall) will garner all the attention, smart buyers will sock away some (or lots) of this gem.

What you may not know, however, is that while crus spend their elevage split between large Slavonian and French oak, the Normale spends its entire life in the Large Slavonian, which in a sense, makes this the most traditional of the lineup.

Minor details aside, though, what Brovia has done in 2013 with the Normale is pure magic.  For a wine from this vintage and from this producer, it's surprisingly powerful.  That's not to say, however, that the bright, energetic, aromatic and balanced style of Brovia isn't on full display.

I can say this without hesitation - Brovia doesn't produce bad wines, no matter the vintage quality.  But when the vintage is great, like 2013 is, their wines are of 'can't miss' caliber.


Francesco Rinaldi's Baroli fly under the radar, there's no other way to say it.  When compared to their legendary namesake, Giuseppe, they fight for the recognition they deserve.

If you want an example, look no further than this lovely (and unbelievably well-priced) 2013 Normale.

This drips with the FR style - bright, friendly and pure - with just a touch polish to it.  The 2013 vintage takes this wine to even higher-toned ground and, all the while, a nice firm backbone of polished tannin awaits you at the end.

There are all manner of rosy, spicy and minty nuances lurking inside that will slowly reveal more of themselves in the coming years.

It's elegant, racy, refined and delicious.

Both of these wines land in NYC this coming week. 

Matt Franco

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