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Baby Corton Charlemagne from Rollin
I was lost somewhere in the harmonious bouquet of linear citric notes and streamlined Chardonnay fruit.  And then I took a sip...and it was more of the same on the palate, with a wonderfully delineated blend of bright yellow colors, a very taut, mineral-driven structure and zippy, but gracious acidity.

As I looked up, just shaking my head with contentment, Blake, my rep from Rosenthal who was tasting me on the bottle, just said 'You know you're on the hill of Corton here...'

And that totally summed it up.  Here was the Domaine Rollin Pernand-Vergelesses Les Cloux 2015, a glass of wine that, at the very fair price of $49/btl was offering up a whole lot of very firm, stoic Corton-Charlemagne-like character.

What I really loved about it was that, despite it being a 2015 (a riper vintage more suited to the reds than the whites), it was still very energetic and linear, without the overtly warm fleshiness that many others show.

Domaine Rollin has long been my vote for the best pound-for-pound value in the realm of White Burgundy.  It's a big statement, for sure, but I've still yet to find another producer who delivers this level of stunning complexity and balance for these kinds of prices.

Am I saying they're Coche or Roulot?

No, of course I'm not, but they also don't cost hundreds (or thousands) of dollars per bottle.

Now, I used to be able to order the Pernands Blancs of Rollin in five-case drops on an as needed basis, happily sending them out the door to anyone looking for a glass of classic Burgundian Chardonnay at a fair price.

Then, as the word got out on them, things got a bit more challenging.

Some years it was five cases of Sous Fretille and one case of AC Pernand and maybe two cases of the Les Cloux and a handful of bottles of the Corton Charlemage.

Other years it was some other combo of highly allocated numbers.

So, rather than turn everyone that I could onto it, it became the double-edged sword of making sure that my longtime buyers of the wine were taken care of while I did my best to show my newer Burg buyers the beauty of Rollin.

Well, today I'm very happy to say that (for one of the wines in the lineup, and for one vintage) I'm able to offer it out in actual quantity again.

So I want all of you who've read this far down to hear this - Rollin's whites are the last, best value in White Burgundy, and here's a rare chance to get in on one of them (at least).

I've just been given a shot at some extra cases of that lovely glass of wine I described up above, the Les Cloux 2015.

Will it get you all the emojis on social media?

Probably not.

Will it pad your wallet at auction five years from now?

Not likely.

But for those of you who just want to sit down and practice the lost art (especially with Burgundy) of enjoying the beauty of life with a glass of wine, a wonderful meal and those who are important...this will more than deliver.

The rest is just details, #amirite?

Matt Franco
MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
249 West 13th Street NYC 10011