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Another Wonderful Jadot Deal!
A red Burgundy that's got a few years of evolution under its belt with some great pricing is never not a good thing.

I guess if I'm being honest, a red Burgundy with a few years of evolution under its belt at a great price is one of the most frequent items you'll encounter in this newsletter.  

They also tend to be the most popular types of offers.  

Today's wine is a red Burgundy with a few years of evolution under its belt and a great price on it..., I guess newsletter over, right?

Seriously, though, while it sounds smart-ass of me to say it like that, the fact is that these wines tend to sell out really quickly...especially when they're from the most recognizable (and paradoxically misunderstood) label in Burgundy - Jadot.

This is Jadot's Bourgogne Rouge La Chapitre 2017, and being from the utterly classic 2017 vintage already gives it quite a leg up.  In the three years since its release, though, things have only gotten brighter for this little gem.

It's refined, detailed, bright, perfumed, light on its feet and wildly refreshing.  It's got that signature Jadot focus, yes, but said focus has begun to release a serious dose of very fine Burgundian nuance, making it a whole lotta wine for the dough.

Sublime in simplicity...the essence of joie de vivre.

Because a little joie is what all of us need these days, amirite?

LOUIS JADOT (Domaine Gagey)
Bourgogne Le Chapitre 2017

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