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Another Insane Burgundy Value


A couple of weeks ago, I sent an offer for two fairly-priced Burgundies, talking about how 'value' and 'Burgundy' usually only exist in the same sentence in very relative terms.


Those two wines are/were fabulous, and values indeed.  


However, I tasted an 'old friend' of a wine from a producer I've known/worked with for two decades at this point - Thevenet et Fils - and I was reminded that 'Burgundy' and 'value' can still exist in the same sentence in very real terms, as well. 


This clean, zippy, bright, focused and refreshing little glass of Pinot Noir checked all the boxes of what a traditionalist Burgundy fan would look for, in an easy going, not-too-serious, Tuesday-night kind of way. 


Its disposition is frank and engaging, and, while it might not send people to that state of trying to verbalize the ineffable beauty of the universe in the way a decades-old bottle from a world famous producer/terroir often can, it's got the real non-fussy, farmer mojo that was once the hallmark of the region. 


After we tasted it, I asked Raphael what he thought of it. 


'It was good,' he replied.


I knew that he was assuming it was a Bourgogne that sat in the typical $30-50 price range that regional bottles now occupy, so I cheekily followed with, 'What if it was $19 on the shelf?'


'Oh! That changes everything indeed!!  It was really good then...'


(Those of you who know Raphael can probably hear his animated enthusiasm in your mind.) 


So here's that wine - Thevenet et fils Bourgogne Les Clos 2020 - real, fresh, linear Burgundian Pinot Noir...


...for $19. 


I believe my closing in that last offer was 'you need these...believe me'...


Here's another chance to believe me...



Bourgogne Les Clos 2020


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