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Another Great Fumé from Deschamps

A couple of months ago, I wrote about Pouilly Fumé and expounded my theory as to why it lost ground to Sancerre over the last few decades.  The wine that that newsletter centered around was the 2014 Pouilly Fumé Vinealis from Marc Deschamps.

We sold the 15 cases we had that day.

Today, I'm happy to offer another stunningly good 2014 Fumé from Deschamps, this time it's the Vignes de Berge, and, while equally delicious, it offers a nice bit of counterpoint to the Vinealis.

Where the Vinealis sees a bit of barrel time, thus rounding out the firmer elements, the Vignes de Berge is the straight up classic expression of Fumé.

For me, this is the idealized version of Sauvignon - it's very restrained, yet highly expressive.  The ethereal citric fruits are in lockstep with the incredibly firm backbone of acidity, as the wine races across the palate towards its mineral-drenched finish.

It's a prime example of the more 'sophisticated' nature of Fumé, and truly, this wine could be aged for 5-7 years no problem.

But that racy acidity is what I love so much about it, I'll have hard time keeping my hands off this one!

Fresh scallops simply seared in a hot pan and a glass of this is about as perfect a meal as I can ponder.

Matt Franco

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