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Alpine Syrah is the Coolest
Today's wine is very cool.

By 'cool', I definitely do mean cool as in 'Wow, that's really cool...', because, from the uniqueness/deliciousness/impressiveness perspective, this wine certainly qualifies as 'cool'.

But cool can mean other things when discussing wine too...

...namely, when you're talking about a wine that has a delicate, highly-aromatic profile that, despite its litheness, offers up so much energy and freshness, that it literally cools your senses...

...kinda like those commercials for peppermint patties...which is also kinda relevant here.

But more on that later.

First, let's talk about what the wine is - Caves Caloz's Syrah Les Bernunes 2014, one of the 'coolest' bottles of Syrah I've tried in a while.

I was tasting with Blake, my rep from Rosenthal, the other day, and we were casually working our way through a few wines, many of which were certainly very high-toned and energetic (i.e. cool).  I wasn't paying super close attention to the bottle when Blake poured this one, so I didn't know what it was.  As soon as I smelled it for the first time, though, my focus immediately and fully shifted to the glass.

It was clearly Syrah, with its savory, animale qualities...but it was electric!  It was so airy and ethereal, with all kinds of extra herbaceous, even minty qualities to it.

It was brisk.

It was invigorating.

It was Syrah...from Switzerland?!?!

Yeah...from the Valais region of this country known for all things alpine, though not really known for Syrah.

Cornalin?  Yes.

Amigne?  Yes.

Petite Arvine?  Chasselas?  Pinot Noir?  Yes.

Even though Syrah is actually more widely planted than some of these grapes, it's certainly not what comes to mind when people think of Swiss wines.

Not only was this a 'cool' wine from a 'cool' climate where the vines are planted at a high-altitude (which imparts a 'coolness' of its own), it's from the 2014 vintage, known in its own right for producing wines with a distinct 'coolness'.

So, the end result, is a wine that screams Syrah (in the Northern Rhone sense, emphasis there), but, even more, it screams alpine, with its electrifying, super high-toned profile.

Being this 'cool' also, somewhat paradoxically, makes it a perfect red for Summer.


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