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All the Best of Portugal in One Place (well, two, but...)
Portugal has been the hottest destination in Europe (and arguably the world) for the last five years, at least.

It's not hard to figure out why, either.

A tiny, beautiful country, with vibrant culture, knockout cuisine and, of course, wines that are totally unique, uniquely delicious, and deliciously value-driven.

My friends Naama and Luis own a fabulous Portuguese wine importing company called NLC Wines, and they just started a wonderful ecomm store called My Portuguese Market, specializing in boutique food items and home goods from...well...Portugal!

Today, we're talking about three of our favorite wines from the NLC book -

The brawny, juicy, herbaceous Bairrada Colheita 2016 from Sidonio de Sousa, made from, what I view to be, Portugal's signature red grape, Baga.

The gorgeous, elegant, fragrantly red-fruited Dão Tinto Doña Santana 2006 of Quinta de Lemos, is a knockout value, especially given its 16 year age.

And, finally, the stunningly chiseled, mineral, briny and subtly smoky Blanc de Noirs de Tinta Negra 2018 from Ilha, a still white wine made of the red Tinta Negra grape on the island of Madeira.

We also discuss a few of the amazing products available on My Portuguese Market. FYI, the Mainova Olive Oil has become a staple at both my house and here at the shop, and it comes in a 3.0L Bag in Tube format, which is the perhaps most brilliant thing I've seen all year.

Click the icon below to visit My Portuguese Market.


Sidonio de Sousa Bairrada Colheita 2016
Quinta de Lemos Dão Tinto Doña Santana 2006
Ilha Blanc de Noirs de Tinta Negra 2018

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