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Alessandria's Deeply Delicious 2015s


Fratelli Alessandria has been one of the great sleeper producers of Barolo over the last decade or so, steadily gaining more and more fans with each subsequent release.


With these broad, deep, powerful, dripping-with-mineral 2015s, I certainly expect them to draw in even more.  


It's always really enjoyable to have wines like the Barolo Monvigliero and Barolo Gramolere on the shelf because, not only are they great expressions of the darker side of ageworthy Barolo, but they always drink so well out of the gate (especially in a vintage like this), that they're easy recos for people who stroll in the door looking for a Barolo to drink tonight. 


If they make it to the shelf, that is... many vintages, this newsletter cleans them right out. 


So, here we are, with two full-throttle examples of Barolo that, despite their generosity and appeal, really are solidly structured wines that will age beautifully over the next 20 years. 


The Gramolere is typically one of my favorite Alessandria wines in every vintage, because it's typically the lightest on its feet of the bunch, showing some nice flowery aromatics and shades of red to the Nebbiolo fruit.  Make no mistake, though, this '15 Gramo is still quite the powerhouse, with deep spice and a stony, grippy finish. 


The Monvigliero is always the most sought after of the bunch, because it's almost always the most impressively endowed of the, no surprise there, I guess...


In '15, that streak continues.  The Monvig is a broad, dense, massively structured, mineral-packed Barolo that resides on the dark end of the Nebbiolo spectrum.  While the dense, dark fruit does a good job of enveloping the very firm backbone, this is certainly gonna live as long a life as you'll allow it to. 


Though many of the 2015s aren't nearly as 'ripe year-ish' as many people imagine, what I expected from Alessandria was indeed a set of rich, powerful wines...and that's what they delivered...


...and I'm totally on board with that...


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