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Akutain Rosado Returns!
The Rioja of Akutain have always been bright spots of the inventory here at MCF.

They're classic & correct in every way, but they have a flowing depth of soul that even the most famous names in traditional Rioja would envy.

But last year they released the first vintage of their Rioja Gran Reserva Rosado and, if their reds have always been bright spots, this was a quasar.

So, here we are today, and the quasar is back.

Composed entirely of Tempranillo from the estate's highest altitude site, it's made in the saignée method, fermented in fiberglass, malo is blocked, then spends 52 months in a combo of used American and French barrels, and then one final month in new barrels before resting in bottle prior to release.

Boy, that was a mouthful...

...which, I suppose, is appropriate because of what a mouthful of profundity this wine ends up being.

Think of the rustic, oxidative brilliance of the Lopez Rosado, combined with the vigorous, structured profile of Chateau Simone's Rosé.

If you've never had those wines, then...think of beautifully textured berry/citrus fruits, with tremendous substance, a deeply savory/nutty mid-palate and incredibly focused acidity on the tightly wound finish.

So, yeah...I guess I could have just said 'really F-ing good'...but anyway...

Perhaps the major difference between this beauty and the more famous Lopez Rosado, is that this is a much more primary wine, and in order to reach that level of secondary nuance, you'll have to give it 3-5 years of cellar time...

...if you have willpower, that is.

Rioja Gran Reserva Rosado 2016

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