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A Very Special Wine at a Great Price
There are seemingly so many angles I can use for this one.

I could lament the fact that, especially for a certain segment, Jadot has become an un-sexy name in the increasingly sexy realm of Burgundy.  

I can talk about how 2012 is a totally under-appreciated vintage and how, years from now, the people who actually bought the '12s are going to look pretty smart.

I suppose I can also mention how the red wines of the Cote de Beaune get less respect than they probably should.

Or, I could not make a point of any kind and resort to the industry standard of 'nintey-thousand points at a million percent below market!!!! (insert critic quote)', but I would hope that none of you expect that from me.

I could also use the other side of the industry-standard coin and drone on and on about the technical details of the production, all of which sound very wine-smart, but in the end say very little about the experience the wine actually delivers and leave most people snoring on the inside.

So, here we are again, with me saying "I really love this wine, especially at this price, and I think you will too', but, of course, there are good reasons why...

First, I suppose I should mention what I'm talking about.  It's Jadot's Beaune 1er Cru 153rd Anniversaire from the 2012 vintage, and the idea behind it is one I've always liked - to take fruit from many great 1er Cru vineyards (which, for Jadot, equals 19) and blend it all together into one single wine that represents a snapshot of the entire appellation.

By and large, 2012s are dense and generous, but they also have terrific structure to balance out the fruit, and that's what we've got going on here.

When most people think of Beaune, they probably picture chewy, red fruit-driven wines with firm structure.  Because of the vintage, though, it's a decidedly darker expression of Beaune, but it's also one that is much more energetic and nimble, as well - kind of a double paradox, if you will.  And with that darkness comes a bit more savoriness at the edges of the bouquet and a nice firmness at the core that, at least right now, give it a more sinister personality than what I typically expect from a Beaune.

But what really makes it so unique is the 'completeness', of it, if you will.  Because it covers such a range of sub-terroirs, there are denser elements, livelier elements, darker fruits, lighter fruits, muscularity, agility, and hints of everything across the aromatic spectrum.  It doesn't sing with one singular voice, but rather it's a chorus of the entire village.

And as the wine ages, I think it will continue towards an even more harmonious expression of the entire village, as more and more nuance emerges.

Or, as each member of the chorus become more and more familiar with each other, the sound will only get more and more refined!

Right now, with some air time, these nuances will whisper a bit here and there, but I think that with another 5-7 years of age, this will really start to hit full stride.

The final reason I'm really excited about it is because it's a deal on wheels.  The 2015 "Anniversaire' bottling is about to be released and, the Jadot folks had a bunch of the 2012 still on hand, so the offer went out to a select group of customers at this really special pricing.

Let me be clear, at the original price of $59, I think this is a VERY solid buy, but at this special pricing of $45/btl (with an additional 10% off a case of 12), this is a no-brainer.

A quality, cellar-worthy, 1er Cru, major-appellation red from Burgundy for $45 is truly a creature not long for this world and one that's this special is...well...


BEAUNE 1er Cru 153rd ANNIVERSAIRE 2012
$45/btl (REG $59 - 23% off)
Take an additional 10% off a case of 12.