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A Very Dynamic Albariño

I'm a highly seasonal drinker, so right now I'm firmly in the red wine/scotch/dark beer part of my cycle, but when a really exciting white, like this beautiful Albariño from Raul Perez, comes along, I start making excuses to cook white wine foods.

The other day, I was tasting a few wines with a rep and the first one he poured me was this 2016 Albariño Atalier.  It was alive - crisp, mid-weight, flowery, briny, savory, with a lovely touch of bitterness and very intense acidity on the finish.  

(Even just writing that last sentence, I'm starting to salivate just by remembering it.)

As he poured me through the rest of the wines he had, it basically became a Peanuts-teacher situation - everything he was telling me about soil type and fermentation (or who knows what else) basically registered as 'Wha, wha, wha-wha-wha whaaa'.

I barely recall what the other wines were or what they tasted like.

All I was thinking about was the Albariño, and the task of effectively communicating just how good it was.   

It's a wine that commands your attention through sheer vigor - there's no way to possibly taste this wine and not have your focus instantly drawn to the glass.

I still don't think my words quite add up compared to the perfectly proportioned mouthfeel, but alas...this is one of the better examples I've had in a while and if you like your Albariño with that screaming freshness and invigorating energy, this is a perfect pick...

Oh, and there are only a few hundred six packs of it that make it stateside and I know that we could take a nice bite out of that!

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