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A Unique Set of Wines in a 'Unique' Offer 
(i.e. COME TASTE THESE WINES TONIGHT 530-730, but if you can't, see below)
Today's offer is kind of least I think so.  

Weingut Rebenhof is a producer whose wines I've loved for a while now, but to say they are esoteric is an epic understatement.

These are (to the American wine enthusiast, at least) esoteric wines from one of the least known parts of one of the least well known wine producing countries in Europe.

Yes, I know that Austria has come a long way in American wine culture, and that even the most casual of wine drinkers has probably heard of Gruner Veltliner, but there's so much more to Austria than that, and the Steiermark region of Southern Austria is leading the way with wildly unique, singular wines.  

In the realm of the more increasingly unique wines from Steiermark live producers such as (to name just a couple that you may recognize from my past offers) Werlitsch and Tscheppe, and Rebenhof fits right in with them to make up a trinity of awesomely unique producers.

So, here's the 'unique' part.  If you're a local, and want to taste these wines tonight and then place an order, drop into the shop from 530-730, as we'll have Rebenhof's importer Carlo Huber in house to taste you through these three wonderful wines and give you the finer details about Rebenhof's obsessively unique processes.

We'll be tallying orders for people.

If you're not a local, you're going to have to take my word for it...

...and that word is below.

Hope to see you (or hear from you) tonight!


Sauvignon Blanc 'Klassik' Herrenberg 2014 $25  - Sauvignon from the Steiermark has one of the most unique and, for me, recognizable profiles in wine.  I use words like 'unique' and 'recognizable' because it tastes almost nothing like Sauvignon from anywhere else on earth, that's the only way to say it.  Sauvignon here eschews the floral, mineral, grassy thing you expect and expresses a wildly herb-y/savory, chalky and textured thing.  What really defines it, though, especially in a wine like this Herrenberg, is the electric acidity.  This is taut, focused and exhilarating.

Sauvignon Herrenberg 500 2013 $41 - here we also have Sauvignon, but, as the '500' in the name refers to, this is aged in 500L Austrian oak for two years, giving the wine a deeper, richer profile.  The greenish/electric elements of the Klassik give way to a nuttier, oilier personality laced with lovely white and orange fruits.  But the same telltale herb-y/savory elements still dance throughout.

Burgunder SA Trocken $25 - here we have a blend of the classic grapes of the region - Morillon (aka Chardonnay), Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon - in a blend of vintages (or mischsatz).  This is about as unique as it gets - four vintages of each grape fermented together and aged in Austrian oak like the '500'.  The aromatics go off the charts (and only a little off the rails).  This is crazy stuff...crazy good, that is.  Everything from dried fruits to tropicals to nuts to minerals are represented in this silky, oily, wonderfully balanced wine.  When I think of the genius of Rebenhof, this is what I picture.

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