MCF Rare Wine

A Stunning 2008 from Coutier

Right about a year ago (last June, to be exact), I wrote a newsletter about this lovely 2008 Brut from Coutier.  

We'd gone out to dinner and, of all the items we'd brought along to drink, it was my favorite wine of the night AND it ended up being my favorite Champagne on the shelf for the months that followed (however long there was availability).

Well, I'm happy to say there is ONE LAST, SMALL shipment that has just landed in the shop, and so below is an excerpt from the original newsletter, because...why re-write what I've already said, amirite? 

The nose was rich and developed, with a beautifully nutty and floral complexity.

All of that continued on the palate as well.  The creamy, toasty, nutty richness intermingled with elegant pink and white fruits and culminated with a mineral finish (so characteristic of the fantastic 2008 vintage) that bound the whole package together.

It showed the development and breadth across the palate that you would typically get from a fully mature vintage bottling at double the price.

Even though it's predominantly Pinot Noir (75%, with just 25% Chardonnay), to me, its toasty/golden character can sometimes suggest that the blend is the exact opposite.

This is a stunning glass of proper vintage Champagne that checks boxes that you only expect something much more expensive would.

This is one of the great, unsung values that I've had in Champagne in a long time!

Matt Franco
MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
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