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A Seriously Good Value in Sparkling Rosé
Well this one was a great little surprise.

Sparkling values are numerous.  Sparkling values that are really good are less numerous.  Sparkling values that --

-- are unique (in terms of grape and place)
-- are complex and intriguing (especially for the money)
-- offer subtle, savory, earthy nuance
-- have a finely-detailed, bracing and structured finish
-- are just all around cool and REALLY delicious

really don't come along all that often -- especially at $17.

All of those bullet points were typed out with today's wine in mind -- Sidonio de Sousa's Rosé Brut Nature 2013.

This quirky, but engaging pink bubbly comes from the Bairrada DOC in central Portugal and is made from the local Baga grape.  If you've ever had a red made from Baga, you're probably already intrigued here, because the dark, dirtily-earthy, fiercely tannic grape isn't the first thing that comes to mind for a sparkler, but let me assure you that it works wonderfully.

On the surface, this is a crisp, refreshing, well-delineated sparkling wine that balances the delicate pink fruits with a racy, bracing, 'brut-nature' finish.  Lying underneath, are some serious earthy, savory notes that add and extra depth that you rarely find in a sparkler at this price.

You can sip it by the pool.

You can drink it with hors d'oeurves.

You can serve it with a meal.

Toast the final month of Summer...

Every day...

PLEASE NOTE: this is the brand new, lighter, crisper and earthier Rosé BRUT NATURE, not the darker, fruitier regular Brut Rosé.

Matt Franco

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