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A Quirky, Delicious Pinot Noir 
In case you haven't noticed, I'm generally a staunch traditionalist when it comes to wine.

I like wines that represent the heritage of a region and its culture and do so with its traditional varietals.

I'm not 'anti' when it comes to international grapes being used in places where they aren't indigenous, but I generally prefer things the old school way.

There are definitely exceptions to that rule, though.  For example, I think that Flavio Roddolo's Bricco Appiani Cabernet Sauvignon is, pound for pound, one of the great Cabernet's on earth.

I will admit that, for the most part Pinot Nero has not been one of my favorite internationals in Italy.  They can be intriguing, but are often a little too severe and pricey relative to what they offer.

But I love being proven wrong, because it means that I just discovered something great.  And last week I discovered something great...

Said great wine was the Pinot Noir Vigna Corejo 2013 from the Contra Soarda estate, which sits NW of Venice in the lovely town of Bassano del Grappa in the foothills of the mountains.  They specialize mostly in the local Marzemino and Vespaiolo grapes, but also have a few internationals among their vines.

This hauntingly intriguing wine is made from a selection of Pinot Noir grapes from a single vineyard of mineral-rich, volcanic soil, and the results prove that Pinot Nero is way more than just 'Northern Italian Pinot Noir'.

Yes, it's identifiably Pinot Noir in its pure, elegant, deeply earthy disposition, but the spectrum of dark-as-you'll-encounter-from-a-Pinot fruit and spicy, pungently floral complexities in it are undeniably Veneto.   

Perhaps the best part is that, being a 2013, it's already well on its way to hitting full stride in terms of maturity, so there's a healthy amount of this captivating nuance already lurking throughout.

That said, it's got a whole lotta living (and getting more delicious) left to do.

I was tasting with the importer Jan D'Amore and he said that it normally all gets gobbled up by the super high-end Italian restaurants in the city, but this year he had a little extra to offer me, so...

...lucky us!

Pinot Nero Vigna Corejo 2013

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