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A Purely Delicious Summer Burgundy
I skip a week of newsletters because of the holiday, and it seems like it's been a month since I've sent one.

Regardless, here we are, and today's is a real goodie.  

Back in March, we had some of this wine on the shelf and we liked it so much that we 'reco'd' them all out the door before I had a chance to write it up.  So fast, actually, the none of us even got to grab a bottle for ourselves.

Well, the good news is that there is more available and it has arrived today.

And there's a nice chunk this time too.

The Beaujolais of Jean Paul Brun, bottled under his Terres Dorees label, have long been some of my favorite.  The organic, sturdy, traditionally Burgundian-styled wines eloquently express each of their terroirs in their beautifully robust accent.

Jean-Paul had the idea that his soils would also express themselves quite nicely through the Pinot Noir grape as well, so he planted some Pinot Noir vines a few decades back and, to say that he was 'right' just doesn't quite get the whole point across.

But perhaps the following statement does...

...pound for pound, there are very few, if any, 'Bourgognes' from the Cote d'Or that deliver this much joy and complexity for $25 anymore.

This is an airy, flowery, pure, elegant, yet subtly sturdy glass of mineral-packed, red-fruited Pinot Noir that is so bright, so light of's impossible to not fall instantly in love with it.

Then, after reveling in its utter exuberance, the stony, earthy complexity that's hiding within hits the back of your palate and you realize that, despite its gleeful disposition, it's actually a fairly serious glass of wine that still has some nuance to release over the next few years.

I really try to avoid 'namedrop' comparisons when I write these, but this one really does remind me of the days when the "Bourgognes' of Barthod or Fourrier were quietly snapped up and enjoyed by insiders because they were a) available in decent quantity and b) not $50 a bottle.

Those days are gone for those wines, but for the time being, they are alive and well on this hit it with a nice chill and sit back and marvel at beauty of Summer.

Matt Franco
MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
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