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A Piedmont Deal For Your Weekend
The days of lazy Sunday Nebbiolo are here...

In case you haven't noticed, my wine consumption is heavily seasonal, which is why you longtime readers are probably saying, 'Here we go again with the platitudes about the transition into Fall and the cuisine and how much Matt loves to daydream about hearty meals paired with robust wines...'

If you're relatively new to this newsletter...yeah, I'll admit...I can't help myself...

Of all the wines that scream 'Fall' to me, nothing does so more than Piedmont - Langhe, Monferatto, Roero...or in today's case, the Alto the appellation of Bramaterra.

It seemed like Alto Piemonte as a category was on a meteoric rise about 5-7 years ago, and was about to become the next great Northern Italian region.

Admittedly, though, for whatever reason, it did kind of fall back to earth.  I'm not sure why. but it's not really important.

What is important, though, is that today's wine, the La Palazzina Bramaterra 2017 is a great example of why it was so beloved, and why it still is totally worthy of your attention.

It's made of mostly Nebbiolo, with the rest being the other native gems Croatina, Uva Rara and Vespolina.

So you're getting all the beautiful Nebbiolo flavors, which are bolstered by the deep, dark, mineral elements of the Croatina and Uva Rara, and, of course, the lofty, electric acidity of the Vespolina.

If you're like me, and you love the flavors of Piedmont and acidity, then, I'm here to inform you that you love this Palazzina Bramaterra.

The 2017 also represents the best of both worlds in terms of drinkability, too.  It's a slightly more generous vintage, plus it's had some time in bottle, meaning that it's drinking great right now, especially with some good air.

However, it's also one of those wonderful wines that I love to showcase that, despite its modest price tag, will age quite beautifully over the coming decade too.

So, whether you're like me, and are constantly misty-eyed when discussing the food and wine of this glorious season, likely while lamenting the state of your football team, or you're just looking for a great deal on a great wine to crack this weekend, this little beauty has your name all over it...

...figuratively, that is...I don't think I've ever met someone named Bramaterra...

Bramaterra 2017

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