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A Pair of Piedmont Values

The new release of two favorites happens this week and we're very excited about both of them.

The first has become a staple here over the last four years.

The Casa Scarpa Barbera d'Asti 2012 is another great vintage of this classic, classic Barbera.  The newest vintage combines all the telltale dark Barbera fruit that Casa Scarpa is known for with subtle earth and perfectly lively acidity.







Where the 2011 was softer and more open, the 2012 is much firmer like the 2010 was.  It's more powerful than both of them as well.

It might be the best one yet.

The other wine, San Fereolo's Langhe Nebbiolo Il Provinciale 2011, we had around this time last year, but there was SO little of it that we didn't really have a chance to promote it in the newsletter.  That was the 2010, and most of you that were lucky enough to get some of it have been asking after it ever since.







Well, the new vintage is here and I have a nice slug of it, so we all have that going for us.

This 2011 is definitely more open and dense than the comparatively restrained and structured 2010, but the same great aromatics and purity of Nebbiolo are on full display (well, I guess they would be on full-er display) and, despite its slightly chewier texture, it's still a wine of great finesse and balance.

Both of these are wines that can be put squarely into the 'Enjoy Now, or Cellar and Really Enjoy in 3-5 Years' category (yes, I just made that title up, but the category definitely exists).

Put simply, here are two wines that embody the beauty of Piedmont's two greatest grapes for less than $30.

You can drink them.

You can age them.

So, you should buy them.

Matt Franco

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