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A Nice Riesling Offer


A whole nice list of really nice Rieslings...cuz I'm a nice guy...


Mostly Großes Gewächs, but there's one feinherb in there.  


Splitting between the crystalline 2019 vintage and the rounder, yet still focused 2020 vintage. 


Gunderloch, Clemens Busch and Immich Batterieberg


Three of my absolute favorites...



The irrepressible duo of Rita and Clemens Busch sit among the masters of organically farmed Riesling, and with each passing harvest, their dry GG Rieslings, further cement themselves as benchmarks for the style.  Seriously.  I'm no Riesling savant, but I know what I like, and I love these two wines.  The Fahrlay is all precision and electricity, and the Falkenlay takes that same notion and broadens it out a bit.  As lights out as they both are now, they both really deserve a long stint in the cellar. 


Riesling GG Marienburg Fahrlay 2019 

Riesling GG Marienburg Falkenlay 2019



After working at both Van Volxem and Knebel (two other favorites of mine), in 2008, Gernot Kollmann had the chance to acquire the centuries-old Immich-Batterieberg estate, and the last 14 years have seen him turn it into a household name for Mosel lovers.  Today's feinherb (off-dry) Riesling from the the legendary blue slate Ellergrub vineyard is a textbook lesson in tension.  The soft, flowery, juicy Riesling fruit is stretched taut by the electric acidity at its core. 


Riesling Feinherb Enkircher Ellergrub 2019 



Despite a century and a half of history and acclaim, the honing of Gunderloch's current, more focused and linear style is a very recent phenomenon.  The wizardry of Johannes Hasselbach continues to dazzle, and these three Großes Gewächs, from the rounder, softer 2020 vintage, wonderfully balance tense acidity, wonderful aromatics and generous fruit, all in bone-dry settings. 


Riesling GG Nackenheimer Rothenberg 2020 

Riesling GG Niersteiner Pettenhal 2020 

Riesling GG Niersteiner Hipping 2020 


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