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A Killer Châteauneuf for This Summer and Beyond:
Domaine de Ferrand Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016


The Domaine de Ferrand Côtes-du-Rhône Syrah La Ferrande has become a favorite at the shop over the last couple of years both for us and for our customers. Matt and I first tasted it on a rainy day in Spring 2017 and I still can easily recall that first whiff from the glass. It was a showstopper. It's a bit of an oddity, being 100% Syrah from the Southern Rhone, but it encompasses both the savory and aromatic elements of the North and the darker, fuller flavors of the South.


Today I am quite pleased to now introduce you to the Domaine de Ferrand Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2016. This is the first vintage we've carried the Châteauneuf from Ferrand and wow, 'showstopper' is a term that I am quite comfortable using for this bottle as well. Just as with the Syrah, the nose grabs you right away. Floral, dark-fruited, smoky, herbaceous. This is one of those wines that smells so fantastic that it immediately forces you to slow down. You think, "I could just sit here all day sniffing this one; I don't even have to drink." But then you sip. And you get to the palate and that wonderful texture, elegance, energy, supple richness and spice lead you into a long and graceful finish. You may have to resynchronize your watch at this point because I'm pretty sure time actually stops for a just a second or two for the drinker who is taking this all in. 


2016 is a stellar vintage in the Châteauneuf region and this gem from Philippe Bravay accentuates all of its best aspects in its combination of generosity and freshness. Here you have a tremendous wine that is showing out of the gate but there is also great structure and fine tannins lurking underneath all that initial pleasure that promises a tantalizing decade or so to come. This bottle is an excellent choice to break out for a special meal this summer (a steak on the grill comes to mind) and it will also do you very nicely through this fall and winter and well beyond. At $57/bottle, this is a bottle that stands up to any other Châteauneuf in the vintage and beats most of them on price as well. Stock up while you can!


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