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A Great Little Classic in Its Prime

Since last week's offer for mature and totally affordable Bramaterra was such a huge success, I thought I'd keep that train rolling with another fully-mature and very affordable little gem...this time from a region that you probably don't usually associate with us, Bordeaux.

I'll get right to it, this 2004 Le Hauts du Tertre (the second label of Chateau du Tertre in Margaux) is fantastic right now.  2004 is one of those unfortunate vintages that was largely lost in the run up to the 2005s, but it's always been a great year, especially for fans of the 'classic' style of Bordeaux.

Instead of being a rich, full-throttle Margaux that is chock full of all manner of exotic flavors and aromas, this beauty is aromatic and elegant, with cedar-y, meaty and mineral notes from end-to-end, all held together by a lovely, supple dark Cabernet fruit.  Subtle spice and tobacco linger on the fully integrated finish.

In short, it's a completely fantastic, old-fashioned glass of fully mature Bordeaux for a mere $36.

For me, a fan of this aromatic and restrained (and disappearing) style of Bordeaux, it's about a pleasant a discovery as I could have made.

Picture in your mind, that platonic ideal of what red Bordeaux tastes like, (which really is the platonic ideal of what red wine tastes like for all of us, whether we want to acknowledge it or not) and then remember how satisfying and enjoyable it is, the way wine was in some long lost, nostalgic time, before you knew much about wine, but just knew that you loved it.

Then, just hit the 'buy' button below or reply to this message and order some wine that tastes exactly that way.

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