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A Fresh Shipment of Gorgeous, Mature Burgs from Robert Ampeau


Even though they'll unfortunately be just about a week too late for Thanksgiving (which I guess is fine since you would have wanted to let them rest anyway), I'm excited to announce that a fresh shipment of pristine wines straight from the cellars of Robert Ampeau are imminent.


12/7 is the ETA, but to get the ball rolling, I'm offering them with special pre-arrival it 'The Friday Before Black Friday Pricing', perhaps?


These pure, wonderfully transparent wines from three of my favorite vintages are all just hitting the beginning of their peak drinking window...and said window should be nice and wide. 


Three of the wines were on last year's shipment - the Savigny 1er Lavieres '99, Pommard '99 and Volnay 1er Santenots '01 - and, they were all slight variations of bright, lively and sublimely elegant, they were all just beginning to release their lovely nuance. 


They were also wines that everyone kept asking for long after they'd sold out.


Amid the frenzied snap up by all of you, I did manage to snag a bottle of 2001 Santenots for myself, and opened it for a wonderful Japanese dinner with my family on my 40th birthday.  The finely-detailed nature of both Volnay and the precise 2001 vintage were on full display and, while it was gone faster than we all would have liked, the beautiful, floral, mineral profile was perfect for the later stages of the tasting menu. 


In addition to the three wines I mentioned above, I also have the stunning 1999 Volnay 1er Cru Santenots, as well.  Like the 2001, it's all about chiseled, perfumed, cool/airy Volnay nuance but, '99 being '99, it's a touch denser and perhaps a half-shade darker on the fruit spectrum.  The savory, earthy nuance on the airy, lingering finish is both intricate and delightful. 


Given the price, the provenance, the age and the quality, you can't beat these with a stick...if one ever does such a thing to wine, that is...


The late Robert Ampeau was an enigmatic legend in Burgundy and, while his son Michel continues in the same spirit, here's your chance to taste some of the wines that the man himself made... special pricing... lucky things...


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

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