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A Fresh Round of Whiskys from Couvreur 


Taking a breath from the final rounds of Holiday chaos, I wanted to send out a quick note about two gorgeous whiskys from Michel Couvreur that are new to the lineup here.


For any of the uninitiated to the brilliance of Couvreur, you can read the story by clicking here.


Today, though, I'm happy to have these two very limited, very special whiskys. 


First, we have the Spirale Single Cask 2002 Chapter III, a rich, deeply colored, fruit and spice-laden beauty that's outrageously smooth and unbelievably complex. 


Distilled in 2002 and aged for its final 5 years in a barrel acquired from Jura winemaker Stéphane Tissot, this Third Edition 18 year old whisky has all of the beautiful, quirky depth you expect from the true gems of the Couvreur lineup. 


Then we have another single cask, extremely limited offering, the Alba 1997.  Aged 22 years, and for its final 5 years, in a Chenin Blanc cask from Loire naturalist Le Sot de l'Ange, it's a bit brighter and skews more towards subtlety and elegance when compared to the richness of the Spirale, but a whiff and sip of this dangerously drinkable whisky certainly won't leave you wanting for complexity. 


Both are bottled at cask strength...and, I must say...are probably the best looking bottles of the Couvreur lineup. 


A perfect gift...


...for yourself... ;)


(And, of course, we have the two workhorses of the Couvreur lineup, the Overaged and Intravagan'za, as well the peated Candid and the otherwordly Tria Juncta.)



Spirale Chapter III 2002 18yr 

Alba 1997 22yr 


Also available from Couvreur -


Overaged Malt - the workhorse 12yr. 


Intravagan'za - a very unique 3yr old aged entirely in a small Sherry butte.


Candid - a peated single malt aged in PX Sherry casks.


Tria Juncta in Uno 500ml - an extraordinary one-off bottling of three selected barrels of the 'Very Sherried' whisky blended for one special edition in celebration of Mr Couvreur's career. 


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

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