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A Fresh Drop of Da Ros...
NOTE: I'm on vacation at the moment, so please send all inquiries/orders to Alex -

We have a new shipment of Da Ros.

And whenever we get a new shipment from Elian Da Ros, our favorite natural winemaker in France's Southwest (and probably one of our favorite winemakers period), we're really excited.

The reasons for that are numerous.

First because his wines are awesome.  Now that that's out of the way...

Second, he's basically creating the 'terroir' of the Cotes du Marmandais - a part of SW France that, up until his emergence, was probably more known for vegetables.

Third, despite his star status in Paris, his wines are largely unknown here in the US, so we get to sell the crap out of them.  Which is good.

Really, though, what I like about them best is the fact that he's created an almost perfect formula of geeky-intrigue-meets-crowd-appeal.  His wines, because of their utilization of more typical varietals like Cab, Cab Franc, Merlot, Syrah, etc., neatly blend together familiar feel and flavors with a wilder, more untamed undercurrent due both to the Southwestern terroir and also the use of the native Abouriou grape, which itself adds a deep, powerful and beastly element.

Genteel savages if you will.

This one's a really fun shipment, though.  We've got -

A re-up on the 'Vin Este Une Fete 2016', everoyone's favorite value red - elegant, complex, herbaceous and clean.

A back-vintage supply of the Chante Coucou 2012 in magnums (be the coolest kid at a dinner party), with its dark, energetic mineral-packed character.  (It's bigger and darker than the 'Fete' but fresher and more aromatic than the Baquey.)

And finally, we have two (TWO!) back-vintages of the Clos Baquey, Elian's top vin de garde.  It's the deepest and most complex wine in the lineup that drinks like a 'Wildling' version of a right-bank Bordeaux.  The 2011 is open and singing with plenty of stony burliness underneath, and the 2012 is bigger and more structured with even more dense, herbaceous minerality.

Both are great now, both will be greater in 5-10 years...

Like I said, all of these wines are incredibly drinkable, totally unique and offer plenty of the 'cool' factor when it comes to character.

Everything's here in stock, but they won't last long...

To inquire about this wine, please email or call 212.255.8870.

Matt Franco
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