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A Classic, Honest Chianti from Sorelle Palazzi


I feel like I've been saying this forever because...well...I have been saying this forever - 


'Every time I drink good Chianti, I wonder why I don't drink more good Chianti...'




Especially when it's a Chianti like Sorelle Palazzi's Chianti Colline Pisane 2017, because it's such an open, honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get type wine that drinks way above its price point. 


First of all, quality (emphasis on 'quality') Chianti for less than $20 is mostly impossible to find.  Yes, of course, there's the whole traditional narrative that 'crappy Chianti in the straw bottles ruined the prestige of Chianti' and, most of the stuff in the sub-$20 category would certainly fall under such a 'crappy' header...


...but the Palazzi Sisters' wines (or, more specifically, their nephew Guido's, who now controls the estate) are anything but crappy. 


The estate lies in the town of Morrona di Terricola in the Pisane Hills.  This is a lesser known area of the greater (non-Classico) Chianti zone, that lies to the West, set apart from the rest of the appellation. 


Here, the climate is milder and the altitude is lower, which, when coupled with some nice sandy, chalky soils, yields a wine of a softer, lighter and more fragrant profile. 


And, when you combine that with Guido's totally 'no pretense' style of organic winemaking, you get a wonderfully endearing wine that expresses the true nature of its home in as open and honest a way as possible. 


This isn't the firm, tightly-wound, 'upper-class' Chianti you expect from the Classico zone that truly requires a good decade to show its personality.


This is instead a genuine, easy going wine that, while soft spoken, is full of all the local personality you could ask for. 


Sure, being a proper Chianti, it has a nice, focused backbone that will allow it to age quite nicely for a few years at least (a recent bottle I thought tasted best on day 3), but for a right-now glass of classic, earthy, floral Chianti, on a warm Summer evening, (especially with a light chill) you can't wish for more value for the money. 


So, get to know this charming wine that punches way above its weight, because we all really should be drinking more Chianti...

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