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A Canary Island Favorite Returns
Like many, I love medium-weight, earthy reds in the Fall.  Yes, of course they're great in the depths of winter, or in the fresh months of Spring and with a chill in the Summer, but they're just so perfect when the breeze is brisk and the leaves are brilliant and the smell of the earth is all around.

While such an idea usually conjures up mental longings for Gamay or Pinot Noir or Barbera, etc., what has become one of my absolute favorite wines in the 'Medium/Earthy' category (and on the market in general) is the Baboso Negro of Ignios (Borja Perez).

My quick way of describing it to people in the shop is asking them to 'picture a smoky Beaujolais', but it so much more than that.

The 2016 vintage has landed and the streak continues...a smoky, clove-y, mouth-full-of-stones-and-dark-berries-y streak, that is...

Really, this is one of the world's totally unique wines.  While all of the Ignios reds (Listan Negro and Vijariego are the other two) have a signature 'Ignios-ness' to them, for me the Baboso is the one that really nails it.

The silky dark fruits are very complex in their own right, but the way they waltz with the exotic spices and volcanic notes is truly something to behold.

It's also one of these delightfully shapeshifting wines, as well.  When you catch a bottle in a really good mood, each new whiff and/or sip can produce a different experience...and just when you're ready to decide that it's changed, it slides back into position 'A', and you're just left grinning in disbelief.

This time of year, we make a lot of soups.  They're a great way to cram in your veggies, they're an easy meal at the end of the long day, and they just keep getting better in the fridge with each passing night.

But, most of all, they're just plain delicious when it's cool outside, and, since we tend to go spice-happy with them, this Baboso is one of the best accompaniments with .

We actually have a white bean and andouille chili going at home which the Baboso would be amazing with...I think I better grab one for myself...

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