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A Burg-Heavy Saturday Morning


I hope you're all enjoying your coffee as much as I am as I type this.  It's been a long and crazy week where I had every intention of sending out newsletters on a host of different wines, but the 'reactive' state of things with all of the shipping and delivery we've been doing lately, got in the way.  


In any case, today's offer is three-fold.  First, after the fantastic response to last week's offer for three delicious 2014s from G&C Felettig, as promised, here's list of the 1ers and Grands Crus that are also available.  In the in interest of time, I won't offer verbose descriptions of each wine (there are just too many), but will remain at your disposal for questions.  I will note that the denser, more muscular 2012s offer a nice contrast to the airy, lifted 2014s here and, after they've all finally started to turn the corner and lose their surly edges, the 2013s are starting so show some real, engaging personality, as well. 


Continuing the 'Back Vintage Burgundy on a Deal' trend, we have two nice whites from Jadot that are both drinking right in their wheelhouse - the delightfully creamy/lemony Auxey-Duresses Blanc 2016 and the broad, energetic and minerally-focused Meursault 2014.  I haven't offered one of these lots of ready-to-drink Jadot in a while, but they're always a big hit, so grab some while they're here. 


Finally, getting back to things I can normally only offer to a few people, a few bottles at a time, I'm really excited to have a large chunk of the elegant, classic, finely-detailed Clos des Lambrays 2017, a wine that expresses the deep, spicy nuance this vineyard is known for, but in a more delicate package.  It's destined for some great things, for those with patience. 


So, enjoy your weekend and please hit me back with any questions you might have about any specific wines! 


My kids have been hounding me about the 'surprise' I promised them earlier if they I better get on that! 

You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


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