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A Big Stack of Mature Chassagne...
Yup, that's a nice subject line, backed up with a nice picture, eh?

Who doesn't want a glass of 1er Cru, major-appellation White Burgundy that's drinking at full stride for less than $60?

I have to imagine that most of you would file that away as a 'dumb' question.

I jumped on my first chance to grab some of these Marc Morey Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru En Virondot 2011s a few weeks ago, and the first 6 cases flew off the shelf almost by themselves (well, with the help of the enthusiasm that Greg and I recommended them, of course).

So when I found out that there was a newsletter-worthy amount left available...I didn't hesitate to grab the rest.

I've had a number of nice 2011 whites from Bugundy lately, and I've been really happy with a lot of them.  The best of them blend a broad, creamy and generous texture with a citric, racy backbone.

And I would say this Virondot (which really is Morey's strongest wine), does just that.

While the initial mouthfeel is rather 'arms wide open', if you will, the mid-palate quickly begins to run and by the time you hit the back end, it has reminded you that it still has some athleticism at its adult age.

The mineral inflected lemon-y character has just the right touch of creaminess and the taut, focused acidity lingers after each sip.

Given that this wine goes for $100+ in current vintages, I think that the $59/btl price tag (with 10% off a case of 12) will be pretty well-received.

People are constantly asking me for wines with Montrachet-hyphenated labels (even just village level) for less than $100 these days.'re welcome...

MARC MOREY Chassagne Montrachet 1er Cru En Virondot 2011

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