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2015 Bourgogne from Pillot 

Kinda weird, right?

I haven't offered any Nebbiolo in well over a month and it seems like every other note is written about Bourgogne.

Well, that trend is going to continue today because there's been so much good Burgundy on the market lately that there's no reason to change when you have a good thing going.

Today, we're talking about the first set of 2015s from one of my all-time favorite producers - one who was an integral part of my formative Burgundy years.

As a matter of fact, it was these two wines from the Jean Marc Pillot lineup that set me down the Burgundy path when I was just out of college and even a modest Bourgogne was a bit of a splurge.

These days the Bourgogne Rouge and Blanc from Pillot remain go-to wines for both my selection in the shop and personal drinking.  These, from the highly anticipated 2015 vintage, are some of the finest ever.

The Bourgogne Blanc Grands Champs always strikes that wonderful balance between flesh and cut, weight and precision.  The citric and mineral aromas are met with great texture on the palate that, despite its density across the middle, always manages to end with fantastic energy.

It's one of those wines that, every time I drink a bottle, I kind of ask myself why I don't drink it a lot more often.

The red is also really good at the whole dense-but-lively thing.  The Bourgogne Rouge Grandes Terres always shows really bright red fruits that also have nice weight to them, but they also have a suppleness and texture that give the wine a nice chew, if you will.

It's a joyous wine that revels in its own red fruitiness and, even though we're not talking about big bucks here, I always purposely 'forget' about a couple of bottles of this and come back to it a few years later...and I'm always mad that I didn't 'forget' about more of it!

I know I keep saying this, but here's yet another perfect set of wines to have on hand all Summer long.

These will arrive tomorrow, Friday (5/5).

Matt Franco

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