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2014 Montevertine Rosso

Like clockwork, a new shipment from Paolo Bea coincides with a new release from Montevertine, so here we are with the newest 'Rosso' from this most important of 'Chianti' estates.

('Chianti' in quotes, of course...)

Montevertine's 'Rosso', as I refer to it for simplicity's sake, is the most traditionally 'Chianti' of their lineup, due to the fact that it includes the Canaiolo and Colorino in the blend along with the Sangiovese.

Even though it doesn't say 'Chianti' on the label, for me it's still the benchmark for the appellation.  

Aristocratic and elegant, it's a wine always speaks softly, but offers a whole bunch of wisdom if you just listen!

The 2014, from what was a super-challenging growing season that ended up way better than it started out, perfectly embodies the above description.  Even in the realm of Montevertine, this wine is super elegant, but is also chock full of the classic, mineral/iron-laden Chianti nuance.

This is as ethereal as classic Sangiovese gets and, while I always recommend cellaring this wine for a few years, I have to say that the 2014 is singing right out of the gate.

That said, there's plenty of evolution built into it as well.  

These wines arrive at our shop this coming Friday.

Quantities are very limited!

Matt Franco

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