YUZA Single Malt Japanese Whisky 2022

MCF Rare Wine

The Yuza Distillery was born in 2018 at the foot of Mt. Chokai. The founders, who have a long, rich history in sake making, spent two years searching for the perfect location for their distillery, before deciding on Yuza in the Yamagata prefecture. There, they are blessed with the cold spring water from the mountain and fresh clean air – all the ingredients to make great single malt. Having just turned 3 years old, in 2021, they have now released their first single malt whisky and it is a joy to behold.
The Yuza First Edition was matured in bourbon barrels and it delivers a crisp, clean and flavoursome tasting experience. White grapes, orange peel and honey mingle on the nose, before the palate makes itself known with sweet apricots, lashings of vanilla and a moreish, creamy mouthfeel. The finish is medium length and fresh, with ctirus, milk chocolate and mint holding until your next sip.

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