Nareklishvili & Son's Mtsvane Qvevri 2019

MCF Rare Wine

A pure and natural “orange” wine of rich depth and character as only skin contact can achieve. Mtsvane Qvevri is made from the local “Kakhuri Mtsvane” variety which translates to the “Green from Kakheti”. Celebrated for its crisp acidity and citrusy profile the grape takes nicely to qvevri fermentation where skins, pulp and pips all coferment for 3 to 4 months yielding a wine with aromas of dried fruit, ripe citrus, and a mouthwatering tang that finishes with a spiced salinity. Rich and flavorful, this rare white still maintains a vibrant structure and an appetizing savor unique to these age old methods of fermentation on its skins in these local terracotta amphorae.

Vintage: 2019
Country: Georgia
Region: Kakheti
Grape: Kakhuri Mtsvane
Farming: Organic
Drink: Now-2024

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